Construction Worker
to Tech Director

Construction Worker
to Tech Director

I'm Carlos

Here is the story of how I quit my job in construction and became a director in one of Australia's fastest-growing brand agencies.

I used to think
people were
just lucky...

I always thought that the people winning at life were lucky, or their parents paid their way. They somehow got a free leg up, and they didn’t actually work hard for their success.

This had a couple of negative effects. I thought that I would have to “lie, cheat, steal” my way to get to the top, so I stayed trapped in my comfort.

It also meant I was angry at success. You know when you are in traffic, and you see that ‘P’ plater driving a BMW and think to yourself, “how the f*ck did they get that? Why don’t I have that car?”

I was creating bad habits, remaining unfocused and drifting through life. But that all changed.

I was going through
life like a passenger

Since High-school I was always told that I was lazy, so much so that I believed it. I somehow got into university. I thought I could continue to cruise and be the passenger. As long as I was having fun, that's all I cared about.

I didn’t care where I was going… but deep down knew that I was on the wrong track.

After moving through life as a passenger for 21 years, it took a traumatic event for me to take hold of the wheel.

Up until that point, I did all the things I was told to do. I went to the university my parents suggested I go to, moved into an industry I was told I would like and worked a job I hated. As a 21yo with big dreams, I still had no idea what I had to do to “make it big”.

"Hello Carlos...
I've called to let
you know we found
a tumour…"

It was only after I got a phone call from my doctor telling me that they had found a tumour in my appendix, that my whole world got flipped on its head. Standing out in a paddock looking at a set of rolling hills, I experienced an existential crisis. Would I make it to my next birthday?

After many hospital trips, tests and finally a close-to-death surgery, I knew that I wouldn’t f*ck up a second chance at life if I made it out of this.

After waking up too early in surgery being rushed to the ER and staying in hospital for an extra week. I got cleared to head back home.

I felt different. I had a new mindset, and I got clear on what I wanted my life to look like with my second chance.

I got headhunted to move to a new firm. I was earning way more, and I was working on a lot of interesting projects. Yet when I looked around at the guys I was working with, I knew I didn’t want to end up like them. Broken bodies, alcoholics and passengers.

I started questioning myself. Had I really moved forward in life? Was I really on the right path? Am I still a passenger?

In 3 months,
my life changed

After writing down my goals and fears and asking myself some hard questions. I decided I would take a mini-break before taking a leap of faith into freelancing.

I gave myself just 3 months to learn new skills by doing some odd jobs like; copywriting, designing and building some websites. I left my job, got paid out and went on an adventure with my girlfriend around Japan. I returned home with new experiences and views on life.

After getting a few more paying clients under my belt and even trying to launch my own product-based company. I reached out to an up-and-coming creator in the space, Dain Walker. I started doing some work for him. I took the wheel and created a new job for myself. Fast forward to now, I am a Director at the best branding agency in Sydney.


None of this would have happened had I not been the driver of my life. Getting clear on my goals and what I want out of life, making those connections and building those relationships. None of that would have happened had I stayed lazy, wasting my potential and stayed in my circle of comfort.

By asking hard questions, studying and learning the principles of success, and taking massive action. You can take control of your life. You will face challenges, you will have setbacks. Hell, you may even need to restart in a new industry. But that's not what determines the outcome of your life.

How you face those challenges and overcome the obstacles is what determines your life.

I’m here to tell you, you can change your life

I love the idea that no one is coming to save you. You can look at it in two ways:
1. My life is over.
2. My life is just getting started.
Take action and squeeze the most out of your life. Get clear, Write it down, and Do the work.‍

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